Crescione Chiropractic

Why do kids need chiropractic?

Just remember all the things YOU did as a kid, that you were told not to do - that you did anyway - and came home crying to Mommy and Daddy! How many times did your child fall on it's butt learning how to walk? Fall down the stairs? Bounced too hard on Uncle Louie's knee? Have a tree house accident?

Your child's spine is more susceptible to injury and nerve stress then ours - their spine is still growing. If there is a problem developing, or the concerned parent wants to insure a proper growing, nerve stress-free, subluxation-free child, spinal care is imperative. Look for a child's warning signs: chronic fatigue, one hip or shoulder higher, uneven skirt hem, uneven sleeve length, foot turned in or out, neck tilt, can't sit or stand still, shoulder blades uneven or sticking out or "My kid's just not right."

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