Crescione Chiropractic

Are you a fast healer? Do cuts and bruises come and go? If so, good for you, but did you ever considered what happens when the body knows exactly how much, how long and what to do to make that happen so quickly?

Why do so many people, with so many different help problems, all benefit from chiropractic care? We have a basic model: we heal all by ourselves; health is an inside job from above, down and inside out. And if you are religious, God don't make junk. Our life force, our inner doctor, our internal wisdom is allowed to flow to make us happy, sad, hungry, energized - you name it. But when we get static in the body, when we are no longer flowing, or not at 100%, we start to see changes like colds, pain, discomfort, disease. Medical fact: no nerve flow, no life. The brain is the biggest nerve in your body, it is the command center - it tells everybody else what to do. If there is any type of nerve interference, from structural, muscular, emotional, nutritional or chemical, causes your bodies innate healing ability to be diminished.

In our office, a chiropractic adjustment is meant to remove or reduce nerve stress. This permits the body to work more naturally.
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