Crescione Chiropractic

Having a pain in the neck is a "pain in the neck!"

You have a head that can weight anywhere from 8 to 16 lbs (a bowling ball), sitting on a spring. Energy, nerve flow, mental impulses travel from the brain down into the rest of the body, and out to the organs arms, legs and joints - not to mention everything else I left out. You wear your emotional armor on your neck and shoulders, you can't pull your head and neck into your shell like a turtle, so you pull your shoulders up to your head! Numb hands, tingling fingers, lose of strength in the grip, inability to turn your head evenly on both sides without pain, headaches, dizziness, easily emotional, ringing in the ear, sleepy all the time, low energy and even mid-back or low back pain can come from the neck not being in proper alignment with the head.

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