Crescione Chiropractic

This is Dr. John's own work complied over the years of training in Chinese Medicine and soft tissue manipulation, combined with Osteopathic Visceral Manipulation and Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Techniques as taught by S.O.T. founder, Dr. M.B DeJarnette. Normal Chiropractic theory states that by removing nerve stress, the body will heal naturally. Many times, however, there are more things going on with the person then just nerve stress alone - or something other then spinal problems causing an interference in the nervous system. Surgery scars, past traumas that have never healed correctly, emotional issues causing long standing stress which can lead to long standing inflammation, digestive inbalance and lack or inability to breakdown foods properly. O.R.T. has been clinically proven to help break up old scar tissues and adhesions, promote circulation of nerve flow, lymphatic drainage and blood flow from the front of the body - BACK in towards the spine - the "other side" of the nerve pathway. Once the reflex work has started - like a very specific abdominal massage - a nutritional history and supplements review is taken to help enhance the work and get you toward better health.

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