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Many times back pain can come from other places-weak muscles, too much nerve flow and not just too little, knee, hip and foot problems.

Only a chiropractor can tell if the "pain" in your back is really coming from your back! In many cases, over the years of improper spine mechanics, all the stress has gone into the knees and feet causing knee and foot problems resulting in surgeries, braces, corns, hammer toes and bunions (See Fig. 1). If improper foot mechanics exist, it is necessary to try and correct them as quickly as possible for spinal adjustments to take long lasting effect. The picture below (See Fig. 2) indicates what can happen with improper foot biomechanics. Chiropractic care is even more powerful with proper orthotic lifts. We cast for foot/lifts on a number of people, however we first make sure that it is necessary, maybe work with adjusting the knees and feet as well, before a cast is made.

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