Crescione Chiropractic

If there is one group of people who need proper spinal/health care it's mommies to be. They are working for 2 and chiropractic is adjusting for 2. Ask anyone who has had a baby, about back pain, leg pain, knee and foot pain! When you are pregnant, the body secretes a hormone to relax all the ligaments in the body, so as to accommodate a growing fetus. Problem is, the ligaments are the things that hold you together. With the ligaments stretched, joint and nerve pain follows. Now the muscles have to work harder to hold you together and make you move-muscle aches and pains. It's like having the gas pedal and break pedal pushed on at the same time.

So,is chiropractic safe for the baby?Of course it is,whether as a fetus or an infant,there are numerous ways to "adjust" mommy and baby to be,as well as baby after the delivery.It is actually easier for a baby to become "subluxated" then an adult. Baby has no real bone yet-all soft tissue,nerves and cartilage-so easier to mis align-but easier to correct.

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