Crescione Chiropractic

There are 24 bones of the spine, when stacked in the correct position, it is straight. The shoulders and hips are level when viewed from the back or front. From the side you should have 3 curves which act structural self defense and stability. When the spine is twisted or curved abnormally, this is called scoliosis-from the Greek word meaning crooked. Studies say they 85-90% is of unknown origin,10-15% by pathology-tumor, birth defect, bone deformity, infection. It is not true that poor posture causes scoliosis. Since the bones in the spine are twisted, nerve interference can occur even more frequently. New research shows a cause or at least contributing factor to be a disturbance or dysfunction in the nervous system to areas of the spine that are involved with body balance, posture and position sense of the body. Chiropractic does not treat disease-even scoliosis, but it does correct spinal nerve stress, which is evident in many cases of scoliosis. And if the condition is caught young enough, there is a possibility of slowing down or, in some cases, preventing it from getting worse.

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