Crescione Chiropractic

Stress...If you're breathing and you live in NY STATE-you have stress! Both good stress (an action or scary movie for example) and bad stress (just lost your job and now you have a blow out on the highway in the middle lane) will create many things in you body that can go wrong. Adrenaline is a chemical that is produced when you are under stress. This makes you run faster when being chased by the tiger, stronger when you need to lift that car off of your toes or creates for you natural pain medication when you need it. Problem is, when the emergency is over, the adrenaline needs time to clear out of the body. If you are under stress 24/7-it never goes completely away. This creates muscle imbalance, inflammation, pain, weakness, digestive problems and so on. Chiropractic work can help in maintaining both the muscle and structural tone to easy the transition from stress to de-stress.
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