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NFL Player Curtis Martin stops
over to the house for an adjustment.

"When I first met John,I was having a lot of hamstring and ankle problems. He has helped me get it so I have no pain when trying to make a cut through the line, or sneak through a hole."

Former NFL Player Mo Lewis with Dr. Crescione.

"I was always hurting after a game. The first time John adjusted me, I wasn't hurting Monday morning - and I'm always hurting Monday morning!"

NFL Player Aaron Glenn with Dr. Crescione.

"It was at the Indianapolis game - John had to work on me for 45 minutes because my hips were so tight and I couldn't run. The next day I ran that 104 yard touchdown."

"For those of you that know what having a thyroid problem is, you'd never think you'd end up at a chiropractic office for this type of problem. But someone told me that Dr. John is "not just any chiropractor." So I ended up at his office. I started seeing him in May of 1999 with all the classic signs of high thyroid. Not only the classic signs like having an extremely fast heart rate, bowel problems, nervousness, uncontrollable shaking, very emotional, hives, dry itchy skin, extreme fatigue, huge goiter on my neck and the list goes on and on, but my blood test was 481 (way off the charts and very dangerous). The endocrinologist wanted to give me radiation and said I must start taking the pills to bring my level down. I asked for any alternative methods for this and of course, the medical community didn't recommend it, didn't want to discuss it and didn't know anything about it. I just couldn't get any straight answers to my questions from them no matter how many different specialists I went to. But to get to the point, after the first visit to Dr. John, I immediately felt better. Something that never happen with any of specialists I saw. So, I said well since I was feeling so bad, I'm just going to keep going, because this makes me feel better. Dr. John would look at every one of my blood tests and do his work based on what my blood tests revealed that month. It's now been a year and a few months later. I have no signs at all of how I was feeling before, no goiter, no shaking, no fatigue, etc. and even the blood tests have leveled off in a normal range at 160. With Dr. John's experience in using craniopathy, chiropractic adjustments, diet, nutrition, exercise, and vitamins, I feel like a new person. Of course, I still go to the specialists and finally found a great endocrinologist who is very understanding and says, "Well, whatever you had last year, I see no signs of it this year, but we will continue to monitor you." So, now I recommend Dr. John to everybody who wants a different, caring approach and when you can't get any answers or the medical community is treating you like a number, there's finally a haven to your plight and that's Dr. John. He's my angel!"

- Janice

"I met Dr. John about 8 years ago. I was taking an Aikido class and had a stiff neck. My instructor told me to talk to the instructor of the next class. I talked to Dr. John, I told him of my problem and he examined me for about five minutes. He then began to tell me about things going on in my body and was right on the money. He asked me if the problem in my stomach was recent or have I been experiencing it for a long time. I did not say there was any problem with my stomach but he was right, I was suffering for about 4 years and had seen many doctors, who gave me pills and no explanation as to why I had killer heart burn. I was taking Zantac 2 or 3 times a day. I started to see John in his office. He told me why I had this problem and proceeded to alleviate it. Within a few weeks I was down to 1 or 2 pills a week, after a month 1 or 2 pills a month. It's been 8 years and now I don't use the pills at all. As a martial artist I do injure my back and limbs on occasion. John is always there for me to put things back in place and send me out to continue to practice."

- Bruce

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